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Diary of a Volunteer


About the photographs:

  Image - April 95   Image - April 95  
Accommodation is provided by the volunteer's employers. And, generally speaking, accommodation in Malawi is far better than expected
1. Accommodation in Dowa (2 weeks) 2. Accommodation in Blantyre (2 years)  
I really enjoyed cycling to work everyday. The journey took a vigorous 20 minutes up (and down) some steep roads.
  Image - May 95   Image - May 95  
  3. About to set off for work... 4. ...On the journey
Image - June 95 Image - June 95
Malawi really is a beautiful, mostly un-spoilt, country. Travelling by car or bicycle was always a pleasure (ignoring the occasional life-threatening incident!).
5. Rachel silhouetted on Ndirande mountain (before the tree got the chop!) 6. 20 minutes away from home by car  
Climbing up the Mulanje Massif was a real escape for volunteers, as well as an intense physical challenge.
  Image - July 95   Image - July 95  
  7. About to climb Mulanje... 8. ...Journey's end: Luchenza hut
Image - Aug 95 Image - Aug 95
It's always been an ambition of mine to experience a football match in another country. This was my one and only example.
9. Football fans on a rainy day! 10. Big game warm-up  
Levitico and Roderick, and Raymond and Philip (not shown) became regular visitors to my home. They were good fun!
  Image - Sept 95   Image - Sept. 95  
  11. Levitico - moody as ever! 12. Levitico and Roderick - the guys!
Image - Oct 95 Image - Oct 95
I taught the 1-week UNIX course several times, in makeshift classrooms as shown.
13. Students working hard on course 14. Different angle, still working  

Don't ya just love tourists! I mean, fancy trying to swim with a camera in one hand!
Image - Nov 95 Image - Nov 95
  15. Andy poses for Chi, Zomba 16. Andy is rescued; the camera drowns!
Image - Jan 96 Image - Jan 96
This is my family (Hurrican Hoggar, as I like to call them) and Rachel's Mum - Irene. Think they enjoyed their visit.
17. Christmas day in Blantyre 18. Chichewa lesson, with Pitt  

After 6 years - 2 stints of 3 years! - Rachel and I finally split up. This photo is taken on the last day of being together!
Image - Feb 96  
  19. Bye bye Rachel's wall! 20. Nowt else suitable!
Image - Mar 96 Image - Mar 96
Typical ways of spending leisure time: visiting Malawi's beautiful lake, or staying at home and playing Bawo with friends!
21. Nice image, John! #3 22. Rachel and Levitico play Bawo  

My first (and last) VSO wedding. Things happen quickly in VSO-land. Couples get married, quickly, or...!
Image - Apr 96  
  23. Rob and Rachel's wedding (another Rachel, not the one above!) 24. Nowt else suitable!

Merlin Wizards' finest moment: about to play (and lose to) the Malawi national team select XI. (I'm there, somewhere!)
Image - May 96  
  25. Team photo of Merlin Wizards 26. What can I say!

Mid-way through the disastrous day that Rachel was robbed (at 6am) - our bus has broken down (we arrived in Blantyre at 9pm!)
Image - Jun 96  
  27. My only Zimbabwe holiday snap! 28. My camera broke...

After weeks of waiting for my sink to be repaired, I had to laugh at the plumbing (and take a photo!)
Image - Jul 96  
  29. My sink - nearly repaired! 30. and hence I stopped...

Elephants on view at Liwonde National park. (The sepia effect is courtesy of my XP2 film.)
Image - Aug 96  
  31. My best (and only) elephant pic! 32. taking photographs...

Caro-Anne: what a sexy woman! And intelligent, witty, caring... (I know, I know! I'm a creep!)
Image - Sep 96  
  33. Caro-Anne rests at Nkopola, Lake Malawi 34. ... sorry!

Another beautiful image of Lake Malawi - this time at Salima. (Don't think it was a windy day!)
Image - Oct 96  
  35. Salima, Lake Malawi  

Beautiful Zomba Plateau provides some great (and vigourous) walking, and you can always stroll around the lake
Image - Nov 96  
  36. Zomba Plateau can be very peaceful  

This was one of several advertisement hoardings on (the old) Kamuzu Heighway in Blantyre!
Image - Dec 96  
  37. Advertisement for soap  

This is supposed to be a picture of me with dreadlocks, but I know you can barely see 'em (I'm so vain!)!
Image - Jan 97  
  38. A happy me, despite my dreadlocks!  

Limbe was always busy with traders buying food, clothing, material, whatever...! (Ndirande mountain is in the background!)
Image - Feb 97  
  39. Limbe, Limbe, Limbe always busy!  
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About the photographs:


Image of photographer, me!

This gallery of photographs were (mostly) taken by myself, using a Samsung AF Slim Zoom (!)

The current selection are simply those shown in the diary, and will evolve as the diary evolves. I do intend to include other photographs too, and maybe categorise them for ease of use -sometime!

Larger versions of these images can be found... within the Diary (you'll just have to explore!).


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